1)      What are the hours?

  1. We are open Sun – Thurs 10 – 8pm, and Friday 10 – 9pm, and Sat 9 to 9pm. 

2)      Are you open on Holidays?

  1. We are open on all holidays normal hours excluding Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.

3)      How much is it to shoot?

  1. The lane fees are rated at $20 per person on weekdays and $30 per person on weekends.

4)      Do you rent guns?

  1. We offer a wide selection of handguns and rifles.  The handgun fee is $20, and the rifle fee is $30.  No restrictions on caliber choice.

5)      When renting guns do we use your ammo or our own?

  1. All of our rental guns are to be used with in house ammunition. 

6)      Can I bring my own ammo?

  1. For your own personal firearms you may use your own ammo.  For our rental guns ammo is required to be purchased from GSIR.

7)      How much does ammo cost?

  1. Ammunition ranges in cost.  The average .22lr is $5* a box of 50 rounds, and 9mm is $17* a box of 50 rounds.

8)      Are their restrictions on ammunition that I bring?

  1. Yes, all steel core ammo, armor piercing, tracer, buck shot, bird shot ammo is restricted.   We require all ammo to be lead core. 

9)      How big of a round are we allowed to shoot?

  1. You can shoot up to 30-06 or 45-70 or equivalent,  our range is rated for 3200fps.

10)   What does steel core mean?

  1. When we refer to steel core, it is the bullet itself.  To test this take a magnet to the bullet on the cartridge.  If it sticks it is steel core.  Steel cased cartridge or casing is okay at the range, and again it is the bullet itself we are referring to. 

11)   What do I do when I go there?

  1. When arriving a Smartwaiver is required to be filled out in the shop or online at our website.  After completion check into the front counter to be assigned a lane.  Once assigned a lane you will proceed to the rental counter for a safety brief and rental guns. 

12)   How old do I have to be to shoot there?

  1. 18 years of age minimum without a parent or guardian with restrictions**.  21 years of age can shoot with no restrictions.

13)   Can I bring my child to shoot?

  1. Youth can shoot from ages 8 to 15 with a youth class completed.  Youth from 16 and 17 years old can be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. 

14)   What is the youth class?

  1. The Youth firearm safety course is a 2 hour class designed to educated children on safe gun handling and familiarization with firearm safety rules.

15)   When is the next youth class?

  1. The calendar for the youth class can be found here. The price is $30 a child.

16)   What do I need to do for the youth safety class?

  1. When signing up your child make sure a Smartwaiver is filled out for them.  Also a parent or legal guardian is required to sit in the class for the duration. 

17)   Do you offer training classes?

  1. Yes, we offer pistol, and rifles classes check out our calendar here

18)   Do you offer private lessons?

  1. Yes, Lessons are held on Tues, Thurs, and Friday evenings,  click here for scheduling a lesson or call (603) 718 – 8813.

19)   Can we shoot rifles at your range?

  1. Yes, excluding black powder / muskets.

20)   Can we shoot shotguns at your range?

  1. Yes, slug rounds only.  No Buck or Bird shot.

21)   Do I have to be a member to shoot at your range?

  1. No, our range is public.  We do offer memberships check them out here.

22)   Can I reserve lanes?

  1. Only as a member you may reserve here, if not you may enter our QLess if there is a wait.

23)   What is QLess?

  1. It is our waiting line system that you may enter through our website, text, or download the app.  What this does is puts you in a virtual wait line so you do not have to wait in the shop for your turn.

24)   It is my first time shooting, can I still shoot there?

  1. Yes, just fill out a Smartwaiver before arriving and let our staff know when you arrive.  We will be happy to give you a first time shooter brief before sending you out to the range.

25)   Do you have eye and hearing protection?

  1. Yes, we have eye safety glasses and range hearing protection for rent and for sale.

26)   Do you have targets at the range?

  1. Yes, we offer a variety of targets.

27)   If I come by myself can I shoot there?

  1. If you own and bring your firearm with you, yes.  If you are alone with no firearm, you must bring a friend in order to rent.  This is GSIR policy.

28)   Do I need an ID to shoot?

  1. Yes, ID is mandatory, examples are all governmental IDs such as: United States of America Driver’s License or your home countries passport are acceptable.  If under the age of 18 years old no ID is required. 

29)   Do you sell to Mass residents?

  1. Yes, but our selection is limited and all handgun or Mass Law applied firearms are required to be transferred to your home state of residence via an FFL transfer.

30)   I am from out of state can I shoot there without a gun license?

  1. Yes, all is needed for shooting at our NH gun range is a valid Driver’s License or passport.


*ammunition price is subject to change.

**Restrictions are as follows:

                18 years of age, no handguns, no NFA items.

                Under 18 years of age, no Full auto even with parent or guardian


2 Hampshire Dr 
Hudson, NH

Mon-Thu: 10a-8p 
Fri: 10a-9p 
Sat: 9a-9p 
Sun: 10a-8p

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